The L.O.U.D Business Strategy to Success as featured in Snap’d Newspaper North Mississauga


I had the great pleasure to have Ed Mercer on my business show last week, Ed wrote the 8th Grade Millionaire available on amazon and Millionaire Mentor that was just released.  Ed truly has one of those rags to riches inspirational stories. I won’t dive deep into his challenges as young child because I feel you should read his book.  However, it is a story where the impossible is possible.  From having literally nothing Ed was touched by something he had see on TV in his teens and realized that his life really had value.  He place a $27,000,000 million dollar cost to his life and decided to turn things around.  And, turn things around is exactly what he did.  By the time Ed was in his late 20’s he made a million dollars twice over with his entrepreneurial creativity in seizing opportunity.  Ed joined the Multi Level Marketing Platform and within a couple months he became the number one seller in his company making 6 figure numbers monthly.  His real claim to success is that along with him he made other people millionaires using his business model to selling.  This landed him the Guinness Book of World Records, not only once but a few times.  Today, Ed has accomplished more then just financial success, his charitable career is equally as engaging.  Over his span of 30 years in Costa Rica’s he has made significant changes to their environment and of course made the Guinness Book of World Records for that as well.

What I would like to address from this inspiring story I aired on my TV sow Let’s Get Loud Now! Business Strategies and Inspirational Insights for Success in Business is that Ed Mercer followed some very strong business principles to ensure his success would be a given and not a shot in the dark.  His strategies fit nicely into my L.O.U.D business model.  In order to be a success in business there are things that must be adhered to. We cannot just run with an idea we wake up with one morning and throw all caution the wind.  In fact, most business will fail because they don’t have a clear direction.  There is too many one man shows without a production team.  What I mean by that is too many entrepreneurs function off  of their creativity but they never put the right people in place to move their ideas forward.  What happens?  they lose belief in their idea, get depressed, until a few days later they have a new idea.  I call this the entrepreneurial idea bank-rupt. All these ideas go into a mind bank but cause emotional drain and financial start up losses.   How do we know as entrepreneurs we have an idea that will be the winner?  To some extend, we don’t know up front. In fact, we have no guarantee at start up that any idea will work.  But, what we do have is successful timeless business models out there that have worked for other people.  If we adhere to what worked for million dollar ideas and listen to the laws of business success then we have a chance to become exactly that – millionaires.  Let’s look at some of these principles Ed Mercer used and my L.O.U.D method to success.

Ed never believed he would fail at anything.  I call this idea loyalty.  If you have an idea for a product or services that brings you inner excitement and makes your brain run with possibilities then this could be your million dollar idea.  Believe in it.  Of course there will be road blocks and challenges, no successful business today runs without them daily.  Your loyalty to this idea must be the start of your business plan.

Loyalty = Commit to bringing this business idea to market.  How will you stay focused on making this happen.  Why do you need to commit to this.  Tell people your idea and how you see it in the future. Consistently reiterate your idea to yourself and to others so that it embeds deep into your DNA and does not change it only expands into a bigger success story.

Ed always seized opportunities, he knew who could help him and what exactly he needed to make a million.  When you have an idea, you have to move it forward. The crucial aspect to any business is the team you put in place and the people you surround yourself with.  All to often create start ups tank because the owner believed he was the smartest person or the only person that could do the job.  I call this idea hog.  If you think you are the only person capable of moving your business to  market then your market is a pig slaughterhouse.  You need good people.  You need people that are smarter than you.  You need people who think your idea is as awesome as you think it is.  This principle is so important in fact, Napoleon Hill calls this the Mastermind. His Think and Grow Rich Model states that no one is a mastermind. There is no such thing. A mastermind is only created by a team of people all bringing what they are good at individually to the group and together they become the power to move forces.  I strongly believe this is the key to success and failure.  Trusting your team, delegating and recognizing opportunities in front of you.

Opportunity = Who can help you?  Can you help someone else make a million by sharing your idea and building a mastermind team of people? Where do you need to be to move your idea forward?  Network, events, community get to know the people around you.  These opportunities will be where the first $$’s you make are.

Ed knew how to maximize his connections and utilize his network.  When you know how to identify your opportunities the next logical step is to make it happen. Learning how to utilize your opportunities is literally your make it or break it into driving sales. Can you pitch your brand, can you sell yourself, do your opportunities believe in your business? Once you establish who and where to work you now have to bring to market your working strategy.  You figured out who you need to call, so now call them.  Get out there and start closing deals.  Ge those contracts done and build the buzz through action.

Utilize = Can you close?  The actual sell is the hardest part of business.  Especially if you don’t have strong sales skills.  Keep in mind, you may never have to close if you seized the opportunity to hire a strong closer for your team.  What I can tell you though is if you have loyalty and you establish opportunity then you will have no problem with follow through.  You know what you are providing or selling is needed in the market.  So the close never has to be a sell, you just have to look at it as giving people what they need, you help make people’s lives better with your business.  Utilize your opportunities to make big things happen in your business.

Lastly in the LOUD strategy is delivery.  Ed provided products that people bought.  He made sure they bought them by the way he sold them. He was out making a difference in the world in charity and not only did he sell he gave many products away for free to have people determine for themselves they needed what he had. Delivery is crucial.  How you or your product are perceived in the market place can make the difference between someone coming to you or your competition.  Deliver over the top every time.  The biggest mistake is to look at sales a dollars.  Sales are your success and you can build success by over delivering and giving.

Delivery = Give more every time.  Each client is your first source of advertising and thats free advertising by the way.  Every transaction where a client walks away with a smile they will begin to refer a friend to you.  Every client that walks away pissed off will tell thousands about you on the internet.  How can you deliver to the market  in a unique individual way that makes you stand out from the crowd?

This is my LOUD strategy.  There are so many avenues for you to make a million dollars or more.  If you have a business currently and are struggling to move it forward or you feel you a are in a rock and a hard spot, maybe you just lack the drive to go forward from feeling stuck.  Let me take you through your own personal LOUD strategy.  If you have an idea and want to see how to make it LOUD let me set up your pathway to success.  Remember you alone are a voice together we can get LOUD, make some noise and make an impact in your business.

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