Planning for Success

Don’t we all plan for success? Why would we plan for failure? You’d be surprised, but so many of us are doing just that.  It would seem logical that most people equate success with their desired outcome and therefore would be identifying the steps that would lead us on the path to “destination success”.  I consistently observe that people will identify their successful outcome but focus on all the things that can go wrong, all the hiccups they could encounter along the way.

This type of thinking usually leads them to start asking the “what if” questions.  What if I don’t have enough time, enough money, land the right opportunity? This is what I refer to as “what iffing” in the wrong direction.  A common used phrase in the Law of Attraction community is a quote from James Redfield, “Where attention goes, energy flows”.  When you are “what iffing” in the direction of things you don’t want, you are actually giving that outcome your attention and ultimately your energy, which can lead you to create the very things you don’t want.

How about “what iffing” in the right direction? What if everything works out? What if I am always at the right place at the right time? What if the money comes to me in a way I never thought of? By focusing in the direction of the things you want to see, you are now directing your energy towards creating the things you do want.

Most of us create our vision of the future based on our past experiences and our belief systems of what is true and what is possible. As a result, we end up living in the past and resist living in a new future.  While we desire success in our conscious minds, subconsciously we often expect failure.  Our subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of what we create and experience in our lives, leaving our conscious minds with a power level of 5%. I’m sure I don’t need to do the math for you, but imagine your subconscious mind to be represented by an army of 95 soldiers and your conscious mind represented by an army of 5 soldiers, guess who is winning?

The good news is, that you can retrain your army of 95 in your subconscious mind by directing it to focus on what you do want to see, feel and experience. This can be easily achieved through hypnosis or neuro-linguistic programming. When these two armies are at opposition, it is extremely challenging for change to occur. By creating congruency, you will be planning for success on all levels of your being.

So the next time you decide to embark on the road to success, remind yourself that “What If Lane” runs in two directions and it’s up to you to choose to turn in the what if things go wrong direction or in the what if things go right direction.  You are in the driver’s seat of your life, which way are you going to go?

Priya Ali, a dedicated entrepreneur and mother of four, has led a successful personal and executive coaching practice, Living 365, since 2007. Living 365 is dedicated to enabling dramatic personal and professional growth amongst its clients. Through highly personalized coaching and guidance, Living 365 empowers clients to establish positive, productive thought processes and behaviours. Living 365 offers a variety of services for individuals, couples, and professional groups, all of which are dedicated to constructive self-reflection and behavioural change. For both personal and professional goals, Living 365 is dedicated to delivering a customized, holistic approach and measurable results.

Priya Ali possesses unique intuitive abilities that she applies in each of Living 365’s service offerings. This intuitive capacity allows her to quickly extract valuable insights from individuals and social groups, providing clients with guidance that is both objective and keenly insightful. She is also the producer and host of the iTV talk show, Living 365 TV.