Building a Solid Brand as an Entrepreneur

These monthly articles will help you establish a growth strategy for your business.
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your L.O.U.D strategy

Having enthusiasm in your business is essential to success. Many entrepreneurs struggle
with consistency and commitment because they tend to expect immediate results in their
business. When results are not monetized within a short time frame they become
discouraged and may start to make tweaks to their business model.

The first key to success in my LOUD business model is loyalty. Every entrepreneur will
go through a period where they question the belief in their product. You need to begin
with a loyalty mission statement. What made you believe in your idea in the first place?
Then challenge your mission statement. What are the possible downsides and what
would you do should they occur. Businesses need to stay true to consistency. There are
common practices in start-ups; it may take 6 months of advertising in the local paper
before readers notice. The 7th time they may start to glance at it and the 9th time they to
contact you. With that being said you may not have monetized on the ad but you built
solid branding. You have to make sure people know who you are well before they buy.

Writing your loyalty plan can help you create a visualization of what you want your
company to look like. You must believe in your self to carry it through, and believe that
your business is needed in the market.

LOUD Worksheet:
Answer these questions to determine your loyalty strategy and don’t forget to submit
them for your free LOUD assessment.

  • 1. How did I come up with my business idea and what made me believe it would be
    a success?
  • 2. What setbacks did I foresee in advance and what did I plan to do to manage those
  • 3. Write out your loyalty statement. Can you do it in 1-2 sentences?
  • 4. What commitment will it take from you to make this a recognizable brand?
  • 5. How long are you willing to stay committed?
  • 6. What resources will you require?
  • 7. How can I help perfect your loyalty statement with the LOUD model?
  • 8. Believe in what you are doing. When things seem off course come back to your loyalty
    statement. This is your foundation. In the next article we will discuss opportunities in